Welcome to UMBC SGApps

Here you can find a number of applications developed by the UMBC Student Government Association that are aimed at improving the student experience. Click any of the icons below to launch the applications.

Salary Search

Find the public salaries of employees at UMBC.


Analyze your meal plan transaction data to see how much you utilize it, as well as when and where it is being used.


View the menu from DHall in an upgraded interface with more features.

What's Happening?

See what events are happening at UMBC and where.

Is It a GBM?

A tool to determine if an event you are planning would be considered as a GBM or as an Event.

Nap Map

Find safe and accessible places to nap on campus.

Waste Sort

A game to practice sorting waste at UMBC.

Cultural Calendar

Expand your horizons and learn about new cultures from the diversity UMBC has to offer.

Wasted Tuition Calculator

Calculate the amount of tuition money that is wasted by skipping class.

Conversation Cards

Start conversations with critical questions about UMBC.

UMBC Generator

Create new abbreviations for UMBC.

Beta / Proof of Concepts


View all of the open and closing times of academic buildings, dining locations, and UMBC offices all in one place. Hour functionality is planned for new version of myUMBC.


Scan UMBC IDs from your phone to collect event attendance. Scanner functionality is being discussed in the myUMBC app.