1.) To politically inform and empower the UMBC community at large and create an on-campus environment that produces socially conscious, culturally enlightened, and politically educated graduates of all disciplines with a passion for bettering their community, regardless of their academic focus. 2.) To uplift our local community through direct involvement and advocate in the interest of our school and the people of Baltimore in local politics. 3.) To advocate for a just, fair national policy – not the policy of one party or the interests of one group or another. 4.) To develop an intersectional and globally-oriented consciousness among students that understands the ways in which multiple systems of oppression are inseparable and overlapping. It is our contention that the four goals established in the above paragraphs have synergy such that progress in any one of the goals is also a step towards accomplishing the other three. Seeking significant change in any one particular issue while ignoring the rest would not do our ideology justice.

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