Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity


Inspiring appreciation for, to encourage the practice of, and to nurture loyalty and devotion to Christian and other moral or religious principles consistent with the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha, encouraging and inspiring fraternal feeling and cooperation, and to form unselfish and loyal friendships among its Members, establishing and fostering the highest ideals of manly character and gentlemanly behavior, appealing to and developing man’s nobler sensibilities, and as far as possible, instilling deeply in the hearts and minds of its Members such ideas of thought and behavior as will contribute definitely toward these ends, developing the higher qualities of the mind, nurturing respect for learning, and encouraging and rewarding singular achievement in the field of scholarship, working at all times in harmony with the best in the North American educational systems, providing clean and wholesome homes, and recreation for its Members while in college, rendering such other services to its general membership as may seem feasible and as may be in harmony with the other aims of the Fraternity, contributing definitely toward the spirit of democracy in the college fraternity system and to operate without offense or injury to anyone, working according to a positive and progressive plan rather than a negative or reactionary program, encouraging its Members to carry into their experiences and relationships the objectives herein defined as a means to improving their professional, social, and community environments both during and after their collegiate experience, maintaining an order whose Initiation Ritual and symbolism shall be secret.

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